• The playback line in Finale is way ahead of what you hear.
  • The playback line is off-beat by one second because Finale doesn't currently latency compensate.
  • Please add this MakeMusic ♥.
  • When entering notes with your mouse or keyboard, there is a one second delay before you hear the sound of the note.
  • It happens because Finale doesn't currently report the transport playback state to plug-ins.
  • The result is that NotePerformer's read-ahead algorithms always remain active, even when playback is paused, causing a delay in sound output.
  • Please add this, too, MakeMusic ♥.
  • Accent and marcato note articulations assigned from FinaleScript currently have the same playback effect.
  • We were only able to perfectly detect two different note articulations in Finale, and choose to prioritize accent and tenuto.
  • We would normally perform marcato as a louder and stronger accent but otherwise identically to a regular accent.
  • True marcato can be triggered using expression text and our designated FinaleScript.
  • If your Windows User Account was named such that it includes non-English characters Human Playback Preferences becomes inoperable in Finale.
  • So, if you login to Windows by the name of (for example) François, Jörg or 伟 you can use only the built-in sounds in Finale.
  • The only workaround that we know of currently is to create an alternative Windows user account using only A-Z characters to run Finale from.
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