NotePerformer for Sibelius

Professional-quality sounds for Sibelius for just $129

NotePerformer makes your Sibelius notation program sound like a real orchestra.
All you do is write – and press play.

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News: June 5, 2014 – NotePerformer version 1.3.3 is now available for download.

Create realistic mock-ups of your orchestral scores without having to learn sequencing, mixing or how to use sample libraries.

NotePerformer is a new kind of sound library. One that also does human expression and realistic phrasing for all your instruments, at once. All done automatically for you.

During playback, NotePerformer reads ahead and analyzes your score from the eyes of a musician. The music is then played back like real musicians would play it, on first sight.

The result is a musically pleasing performance of your music, where notes and phrases are musically united in a way you've never heard before – except from live musicians.

Super easy to use

Using NotePerformer is no more difficult than using the built-in sounds in Sibelius. You need no technical skills or previous experience in using sample libraries or producing music.

In fact there isn't even a separate interface, but you do all your work as usual in Sibelius. Instruments are assigned automatically, and can be controlled from the Sibelius mixer.

Your musical assistant

NotePerformer is the ideal tool for orchestrating and arranging music, as it responds to and articulates your music just like a real orchestra.

So the day you hand over your score to live musicians, you can feel confident that what you've written produces the sound you intended. And the players will thank you for providing an intuitively playable score. One which is written for musicians and not for computer playback.

Produce your own music

NotePerformer playback is so realistic, it's easily mistaken for a live orchestra if that's what you're after.

Music created with NotePerformer can be published directly, or used for demonstration or audition purposes. Or as orchestral soundtracks for movies, games, apps, TV series, documentaries, theatre plays, advertisements etc.

NotePerformer – Sibelius – Finale – Playback Comparison

Sibelius® 7
Finale® 2014
The Planets - Jupiter by Gustav Holst
Piano Concerto No. 2 - 1 by Sergei Rachmaninoff
Symphony No. 9 - 1 by Ludwig van Beethoven
Enigma Variations X: Nimrod by Edward Elgar
Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas

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